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My Bzcome

The left catologue of My Bzcome consists of twelve parts, namely order history, questions, reviews,requirement, edit account, password, modify address book, wish list,my recommending, reviews posting, top up, and newsletter.

1. Order history: Click order history, you could see current and previous information of your order.
    You could see all the information including order ID, date,  status, quantity, total amount of your order.
    Also you could see whether your order is complete or not.
    Click "View" to get into individual order, you could see details of your order, including Invoice NO.#, shipping method,
    delivery details and your puchased details also, And the very important, you can add comment to us if you have any problem or question
    about your order, entre your comment in the column, and click"Add New Comments" icon, then you'll send your comments to us successfully,
    Comment Q&A transcription is displayed just below your purchase detail.

2. Questions: To check your asked question history, you could see Whether your questions are replied or not. How to ask a question?
    On each product page, you can ask questions about our product, find where it is below(the red highlighted):

3. Reviews: You could rate our products. Click reviews here you could see the record you have reviewed.
    How to write a review? On each product page, you can write reviews about our products, find where it it below(the red highlighted, there are two
    paths you could access to review):  

4. Requirement: You can ask a RMA request and check requirement record here.

5. Edit accout: Click edit accout, you could change your personal details, for example, to edit your E-mail, nickname, first name, last name,
    telephone and fax.

6. Password: You could change your password here(TIPS: Password is case sensitive).

7. Modify address book: You could edit, delete or add new address to your address book.

8. Wish List: See your wish list or favorite products here. How to add products to your wish list? On each product page,
    you can add product you like here, just besides "Add to Cart" icon:

9. My recommending: Here you could add your recommending(Bzcome to friends) and see all your recommending.
    How to do a recommending? After you recommend our website to one of your friends, you could send us the email address of your friend's,
    We'll add 30 points to your account if the email address you recommended is registered successfully.
10. Reviews posting: You can post your reviews on other website or forums and pls send us the URL, after we verify the URL, we'll add 10 points
       to your account if it's be of help for our advertiment.

11. Top up: You could top up your ewallet here, any method among Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and DBS(Singapore only).

12. Newslette: You can choose newsletter subscribe or unsubscribe.

The centre part offers some shortcuts of My Bzcome catalogue
"Waiting for payment orders" and "New message" is new in shortcuts part, you can check your unpaid orders and new messages from Bzcome.

The top right corner of My Bzcome page consists of 6 parts, namely  Email Verification, Phone Verification,
Current Points, eWallets, Top up and VIP Rank.

This is Email Verification. You can have your email verified here, click the icon and follow the step it indicate, as long as your email is verified
sccessfully, you can see the different of the icon(and get 10 points into your account).

This is Phone Verification. You can have your phone verified here, click the icon and follow the step, after you get your phone verified successfully,
you could see the difference of the icon as well.

The Current point shows how much points you have got.

You can see how much deposit you have in your Bzcome eWallets.

You can top up your ewallets here directely.

You can see what Vip Rank you are. Get more information about Vip rank, Please view our VIP policy.